Volume 16 Number 8

Heard at the Hanger Doors

New products review

Reader’s Talkback! Got a beef, useful comment, or sound advice on any aspect of the hobby that you’d like to pass on?

Hyperflight Elf
Jewel Like and very cool – small in stature yet huge in performance – Elf and safety in one glorious package!

Century UK Vortex
Fast and Furious fan fun on a budget.

Wings over the Channel Blériot 2011
Henk and Little Louis head for Dover

Basic skills series with Peter Dawson

LMA Bradford Symposium
The Large Model Association (LMA) Symposium has a new home at Bradford: Whittaker investigates.

Turbine trends
The best of British take a trip to the Sunshine State

Talking Electrics
Grab a Tiger by the tail – Nick Butler’s superb F18 – Batteries, to cycle or not to cycle, Andrew Gibbs explains.

X-Models Stingray
Before its time and ahead of the game the X-Models Stingray was originally destined for full size production!

Miller’s Tales
Roll your own – Dutch rolls – it’s all Double Dutch to Peter!

What, Where, When

Mike Evatt enters cyberspace once again.


BMFA free-flight scale NATS ‘11
Alex Whittaker attends Nottingham University to clock this year’s midget gems.

Prepare for the British free-flight nationals
Mike Evatt looks forward to the Free flight Nationals, catches up with the Croydon Wakefield Day and reviews the 2010 NFFS Symposium Report

Nathan Farrel Jones’ Jetcat making a low pass at Delyn

Holiday on ice
There’s no such thing as the wrong weather – just the wrong clothes!

Looking Back… MBZB Cup
Andy Sweetland reports from Hard, Switzerland, on this popular F2B World Cup contest, held on 21-22 August 2010

For Old Times’ Sake
Don circumnavigates the globe to take in SAM 1066

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