January – May 1944

Published to coincide with the 70th Anniversary of the battle for Cassino, this is an authoritative guide to the armour deployed by the Allies over the course of the fighting for this strategic objective.

Covering American, British, Indian, Canadian, French, New Zealand and Polish armour, this book includes a number of rare and unpublished photos with detailed captions with 56 pages including 8 in full colour.

It includes: M3A1 Scout Cars, Universal Carriers, Indian Wheeled Carriers, M8, HMCs, M10s, M7 Priests, Stuarts, Shermans, Churchills, Grant ARVs, M31, TRVs and Valentine Bridgelayers. Contains: 56 pages, 78 b&w photos and 20 full colour plates of artwork.
Praise for Camouflage & Markings of Allied Armour in the Battle for Cassino:
‘With so much variety of types and colour schemes, this is a great choice for modellers as well as those interested in armoured warfare’ – Peter Brown, Military Modelling, July 2014

287 x 201 mm 78 b/w photos, 20 colour plates 9788360672228

Price: £22.95
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