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Breaking news stories from the world of drones,
multi-copters and UAVs
27 What’s New
The latest new drones, products and accessories
launched for this growing market
60 Buyer’s Guide
Our comprehensive listing of available multi-copters in
all classes
66 Contacts & Info
Information and contacts that will help you get the most
from your drones
28 Letting the Spark’s Fly
We head to the official launch of the DJI Spark in the
UK as the team show off all the new features, both
hands on and in gesturing mode fi nding out what all
the hype is about
40 Diary of a Newbie
Shaun Taylor gets back up into the air with a new
transmitter curing his problems whilst more additions to
his drone line-up ensure he has kept his eye in when it
comes to flying
58 DJI Osmo
DJI brings its knowledge of image-stabilised gimbals
down to earth with the unique handheld gimbal and
camera combo known as the Osmo
20 Yuneec Typhoon H
Yuneec’s prosumer model is chasing the Phantom 4
competition, but offers two key advantages; six props
instead of four and a controller with an HD screen built
in. We take a close look at the Typhoon H, which has
been significantly updated with software version 3…
36 High-Spec Charging
The range of Revolectrix chargers are brought into the
UK by battery specialist OptiPower, and one of their
most popular models is the GT1000 Duo that offers a
twin output and is highly regarded as a premier model
44 E-fl ite Convergence VTOL
The Convergence VTOL is a sleek, delta-wing design
that uses a triple brushless motor set-up with two
rotating on the wing and a fixed-position motor in the
tail. Shaun Garrity gets his hands on this flying wing
and puts it through its paces
50 Align T-Rex 500X
Drone Zone takes a look at the latest offering from heli
and drone manufacturer, Align. The T-Rex 500X now
sports a new main frame, rotorhead and the excellent
Microbeast flybarless system for great control

Price: £4.99