20 Custom Cutting
With our wiring Guide, Mike Szabo runs through
the process or trimming, cutting and sleeving your
wires for a neat and very custom look.
28 Diary of a Newbie
Karting, FPV flying and some general drone fun
meant another busy few weeks for Shaun Taylor as
reports back in on from his exploits around the UK.
36 Drone Fest
There was a lot of drone action taking place down
at Goodwood in West Sussex as the annual Festival
of Speed took place offering high-speed action on
the hill climb for the cars, and in the Vodafone tents
for drone fans.
42 Shizuoka Hobby Show
Wingsland, Futaba, Cynga, ProDrone and more
were all attendance at the annual Shizuoka show in
Japan that we attended.

14 Blade Theory W Team Edition
With a new look, better spec and impressive
performance, Blade’s new Team Edition of their
popular Theory W is an awesome flying wing with
100mph plus capability!
26 Ooznest WorkBee
The WorkBee is the latest CNC router from the team
at Ooznest. After experiencing their brilliant C-Beam
CNC router previously, naturally we were keen to
put the new model to the test.
46 TBS Crossfire
The Crossfire system from Team BlackSheep may
appeal to those wanting increased flying range, but
as we found out there are many other benefits of
their system.
50 Rage RC NanoCam FPV
We take a look at an entry-level FPV drone package
form Rage RC that with its low cost and range
features, makes it ideal for first-time buyers.

Price: £5.50