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33 What’s New
The latest new drones, products and
accessories launched for this growing
62 Buyer’s Guide
Our comprehensive listing of
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14 Drone Fest
Shaun Garrity reports from a
specialist multi-rotor event he helped
to organise at his local fl ying club at
28 Dremel 3D Idea Builder
The 3D printer from Dremel allows
you to manufacture you own parts
at home and there is a huge range
of items on the Internet for you to
choose from
34 Through the lens
The Chaotic 3D from Quanum is
not only an acrobatic drone but
has a good turn of speed too as
we found out
58 Diary of a Newbie
This issue Shaun Taylor discusses
setting up a Facebook group and
hosting their first event, as well as
fi nally getting his hands on his own
Eachine Racer 250 drone

20 Blade Vortex 250 Pro
The Vortex 250 Pro has been
developed in conjunction with
drone racing gurus ImmersionRC to
create Blade’s most competitive and
advanced model yet
36 Quanum Nova Pro
We put the new Quanum Nova
Pro drone to the test that targets
the photography and videography
market, but offering a very capable
package in a Ready-To-Fly format that
retails for under £300
44 Helimax Form500
This is the new 500-sized utility
platform named the Form500
that Helimax have released to
appeal to the fl yer who wants
a multi-purpose drone
50 Quanum Chaotic 3D
Quanum is a brand owned by
Hobbyking and we got our hands
on their latest aerobatic multi-rotor
machine, which is their first serious 3D capable quad

Price: £4.99