6 Front Page
Breaking news stories from the world of drones, multi-copters and UAVs.
12 What’s New
The latest new drones, products and accessories launched for this growing market.
62 Buyer’s Guide
Our comprehensive listing of available multi-copters in all classes.
66 Contacts & Info
Information and contacts that will help you get the most from your drones.
13 Win a RaGG-e WBX5 Frame
This issue has a free-to-enter competition where you can win one of RaGG-e’s popular
WBX5 frames worth nearly £55.
14 Flying High at the NEC
This year’s UK Drone Show returned to the NEC in Birmingham that saw a fantastic
line-up of all things UAV from the stunning DJI Inspire 2 to the much more affordable
micro FPV components that are so popular at the moment. Shaun Taylor headed to the
Midlands for a busy day.
20 FPV Goes HD
The Connex ProSight HD system has quickly become the go-to set-up for high-definition
FPV racing so we couldn’t wait to get our hands on one for long-term testing using a
range of goggles for analysis.
30 London Calling
A karting centre in East London may not have been the most attractive venue and it
wasn’t the karts that stole the show when DJI showed off the new Inspire 2 and Phantom
4 Pro to the Drone Zone editorial team.
34 Through the Lens
Stephanie King gets up close and personal with the ultimate selfie drone, the Yuneec
40 Cut Your Own
If you fancy making your own parts and a 3D printer doesn’t cut it, then a CNC router
is the way to go. Shaun Garrity builds up the Ooznest C-Beam and gets cutting!
26 Blade Inductrix FPV
Indoor FPV flying is a worldwide craze at the moment that is gaining popularity with all
levels of pilot. Despite being the perfect beginner FPV drone, the capability of Blade’s
FPV-equipped Inductrix model is making it incredibly successful.
36 Parrot Swing
The Swing and Mambo were the latest Minidrones from tech giant Parrot. Aimed at
the newcomer to the hobby and available on the high street, we put the distinctive X
wing shaped Swing to the test in both its flying modes to see how it performed for the
targeted audience.
44 Ehang GhostDrone 2.0
Claiming to be the “Easiest-to-fl y drone in the world” Ehang’s well-established
GhostDrone 2.0 requires just an Android or iOS device and a small G-Box to fl y. With
some great built in features such as Waypoint Mode, Companion Mode, Avatar Mode,
and Flight Planning Mode available with a single tap on the screen, we just had to give
this a go.
50 Yuneec Breeze
Equipped with a 13-megapixel camera and the ability to record video at 4K, the
new Breeze from industry giant Yuneec clearly targets the buyer who wants to record
themselves or the beautiful scenery. As a result it comes with all the usual functions to be
creative including the highly appealing Follow Me Mode that makes the Breeze track
the user’s smartphone using GPS.
58 Micro Drone 3.0
If you like your drones small but perfectly formed then this new pocket-sized high
tech wonder could be for you. And with the ability to stream live HD footage to your
iOS or Android smartphone, this is just one of the features of the latest in the line of Micro Drones.

Price: £4.99