King of the Icons – This month’s Iconic column sees John Weston conduct an offline survey to find out the top three vintage RC icons from the members on the Iconic RC site. But this wasn’t just a usual poll, as John wanted to gather more information and wanted reasoning behind the decision, and the results are all there for you to read about on page 14.

Time to Play With Some Toys – Racer headed to the historic town of Nuremberg in Germany to report back on all the new items from the annual Toy Fair. In the first of a two-part feature, we have eight pages of new and exciting releases from the major industry players.

RB7 Gets Close to Being RTR – Another stage in the build as we get close to the climax of the Red Bull Racing RB7 build. In this pack we start to build up the easily recognisable shape of the front nose as well as the final parts of the throttle control system and the beautifully sculpted display body.

Wheelie’s Guaranteed – LRP’s new S10 Twister BL Monster Truck is designed for fun and it has this buy the bucket load as Jurgen Lautenbach explains in his latest column. He also talks about some new boat design and reflects on the success of his factory race team who heading to Denmark for the DHI Cup 2016.

Christmas Comes Early for David – Most 1:12 racers see Tamworth’s annual BRCA national as the official start of Christmas. Not only do the club lay on one of the best tracks of the year, but their catering team also produce the best selection of cakes!

LiPo Essentials – After the first part in our series of articles focussed on an overview of Lithium-based cells, part two aims to offer our advice when it comes to using brand new LiPo packs, charging, connecting, balancing and more.

ECX Outburst – Bikes are back in Racer and cheaper than ever with ECX’s new Outburst 1:14-scale model. The cute little bike comes Ready-To-Run out of the box with radio, batteries and charger all included in the package. Aided by a gyro in the rear wheel, the Outburst aims to suit the first time buyer so should be easy to operate, lots of fun and quick enough to keep interest up.



HPI Bullet ST Flux – We put the refreshed HPI Bullet ST Flux to the test during some of the wettest months of the year, aided by the new spec of the truck that features a waterproof receiver and battery compartment and waterproof servos. The 4WD is equipped with a powerful Flux brushless system offering 3S capability and LiPo safety cut-off meaning that it can easily handle the toughest terrain, easily controlled by their own proven 2.4GHz radio system. Put on your overcoat and grab your umbrella for a wet test session!

HobbyKing Rattler – HobbyKing’s H. King sub brand is all about delivering value to hobbyists. This 1:8-scale buggy is targeting the price conscious basher with a slippery offer! Yes this is a 1:8-scale off-road electric buggy, with almost all you need to run it for well under £100.

LRP S10 Twister 2 MT Limited Edition – LRP’s latest offering on the Twister 2 platform is this limited edition monster truck that comes with a different body shell compared to the standard version to highlight its status. The wishbones, tyres and body have been specially adapted to this model, which is powered by a brushed set-up including an S10 Blast High Torque motor, AI Runner Version 2 digital speed control and splash proof R-7103WP servo, topped off with a 2.4GHz radio set. Racer puts the truck to the test to find out if we could tame the monster.

Schumacher CAT K2 – The CAT K1 from Schumacher not only proved to be an incredibly popular model, but it also was highly competitive and won many titles too, culminating in Michal Orlowski’s European Championship win in 2015 at RHR Dirt. The K2 is its natural successor and has been developed around a longer and narrow chassis that Schumacher claim is not only faster, but also more consistent and versatile. Racer builds the new model, equips it with the best Nosram and Sanwa equipment to find out if these claims stand up and that the CAT K2 is the new car to beat…

Price: £4.25
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