• Tornado – It’s “hold on to your hats” time as Paul Toblin reviews Heli Professional’s fully aerobic 3D machine
• Metal Eco 8 – Stiffer sideframes, booms and 120 degree servo mounts for the Ikarus electric
• Voyager 50 IMZ – Long time Voyager fan John Parker holds his breath in readiness to discover whether the latest version from JR cuts it


• Brantley B-2B – Join Alex Whittaker for a walk around this unusual and rarely modelled subject
• Let Us Spray – Ever fancied having a go at putting your own paint scheme on a heli? Need some help? So did Tim Clarke…
• Beginner’s Series PT.IV – Stuart Messenger takes us into the circuit, lets go of our hand and says ‘goodbye’
• Aerial Photography – Strap a medium format camera onto your model, and you can take great photos! If only it were that easy…
• Hirobo Lama – Dave Andrews gets his hands on a kit of “the big one’
• Learn Aerobatics – Pulling out of the manoeuvres for a moment, John Parker asks whether we’re getting to basics right first
• Twinstar XP, PT.II – Ken Gale quite literally breaks the mould, to see if his replacement body shell has worked


• Nuremberg 2004 – All the info you need about new products introduced at the world’s leading trade show

Plus: News, events diary, and new products

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