April 2011 Published March 4th


• Rave ENV 700
Full review of Curtis Youngblood’s world class helicopter
• Outrage exhaust
Get tuned up and gain some extra power with this pipe
• JR FBL head conversion
We convert our trusty Vibe 50 to the latest flybarless spec
• HeliArtists Eurocopter fuselage
Convert your 450 size helicopter into a scale machine
• Swash mix set-up tool
A handy little device designed to cure interaction issues


• Competition
Your chance to win a full set of Force helis worth £250
• F3C Explained – pt3
We look at the differences between an F3C and 3D set-up
• Tackling the Demon
Mike Williamson examines the uses of the flight mode switch
• Nuremberg Toy Fair – pt1
The first part of our in-depth report from this year’s show
• Letter from America
Tim DiPeri visits the popular Huntsville heli fly-in
• BeastX update
How to successfully update your Microbeast FBL system

Price: £4.50
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