September 2011 Published August 5th


• Twister Police Helicam
It’s a case of police, camera, action as Tom Stacey tests the latest coax machine
• Silverlit Space Avengers
Some more fabulous foam space raiders from Silverlit and Flying Toys
• T-Rex 550E FBL
Jamie Cole follows up last year’s T-Rex 550E test with a look at the Align 3G FBL conversion
• Phoenixtech GT9
Can a budget priced gyro compete against more expensive and established brands?
• Total G gyro
Mark Christy tests out the gyro that promises much from Curtis Youngblood Enterprises


• Tackling the Demon
Mike Williamson takes another close look at setting up a model heli’s tail system
• A bit of a challenge
We have a read through R/C heli pioneer Len Mount’s fascinating autobiography
• Letter from America
Tim DiPeri gets into the workshop and fi ts and tests the latest Futaba GY-750 gyro
• Hell-E-Cats Fly-in
Martin briggs reports from a scale fl y-in organised by the Cheshire Hell-E-Cats
• Zone 3D Competition
Jamie Cole reports from the fi rst ever Zone extreme 3D knockout competition

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