January 2013 Published December 7th


• SAB Goblin 630
The slightly smaller follow up to the very successful original 700 version
• Blade Nano
There are now more Blades than ever and this little beauty can even do 3D
• TSA Infusion 700E
A few months after the nitro version we try the electric Infusion
• Spektrum DX18
The top of the range 18-channel transmitter gets fully tested


• Tackling the Demon
A close look at various important features found in the latest computer radio sets
• 3DX Italy
Jeff Barringer reports from the latest 3DX event
• Spektrum DX18 Competition
Your chance to win the latest and greatest Spektrum DX18
• Charmouth Fun-fly
Jamie Cole visits the traditional final fly-in of the year
• Blade Stepping Stones
Aaron, our protégé pilot makes the transition to larger CP machines
• Reaching for the sky
We may have reached the end of the summer flying season, but Dom a is still refining his fleet
• Letter from America
Tim DiPeri reports from the US National Helicopter Championships
• Helican 2012
Dave Dijkmans and Raquel Bellot’s postcard from Argentina

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