With 2A4 sheets of scale drawings, plus original photographs and 3D renderings, this volume is not to be missed!

Part two of the monograph on the legendary World War II dive bomber takes a closer look at the history of the final production versions the Ju 87: the “Dora” – a dedicated dive bomber and strike platform and the Ju 87 G tank buster. In addition to combat histories of the front-line units that operated the types, the book presents profiles of some of the most prominent Stuka pilots. The text is supplemented by first-hand accounts of the men who flew the Ju 87s in combat, as well as a large selection of original photographs and 3D drawings offering a great insight into the intricacies of the aircraft’s design.

• 112 pages
• painting schemes
• 86 archive photos
• 78 renders
• 2 A4 sheet of scale drawings
• format (sizes): (210×295 mm)
• mate coated paper
• soft cover binding

210 x 295 mm 86 archive photos, 78 Full colour CGI images, painting schemes 9788362878970

Price: £16.99