From D-Day to VE-Day • A comprehensive guide to the British Tommy

The purpose of this book is to collect, in an easily readable form, the basic technical data that concern the British army as engaged in the North-West European campaign between 6th June 1944 and 8th May 1845.

The author’s aim has been to include as much information as possible, without making any claim to exhaustivity, along clear and simple guidelines. Special emphasis has been given to the organization of units, a key element in the correct understanding of other chapters.

Those readers who have an interest in contemporary history will then have within their easy reach a reference to data which if frequently referred to, are rarely made explicit in historical works, to which The British Tommy brings but a compliment.

Even though this book is not meant for their sole use, the collectors, reenactment groups, modelers or simple military enthusiasts should find here basic documents in the form of articles, which many will probably have read already, summarized from “Militaria Magazine”, a specialized French publication of International renown.

If this handbook – as it is to be considered – should find even a modest place in the impressive bibliography dedicated to the armies which fought on the same front, in the same period but, it is true, on a different scale, then this long and patient research will be fully justified.

Paperback 226 pages
225 x 300mm

Price: £30.00