• NUREMBERG 2011All the new stuff coming soon!
  • FEATURE – Model Magnificence!A close look at another great model.
  • FEATURED PLAN – Sea PrinceWe revisit a classic Boddo waterplane design for 90 power…
  • RALLY RETRO – Model Engineer ExhibitionWe visit this centre of excellence…
  • FREEBEE PLAN – Avro AvisWhy not convert this indoor scale model to micro RC for the new BMFA comp class?
  • SPACE MODELLING – Ljubljana CupAll the rocket action from Slovenia.
  • FEATURE – 1/8 Scale WW1 AircombatTry this new dogfighting competition fun!
  • PLAN SCHEMATICS – Se5a and EindekkerEIII 1/8 scale WW1 aircombat types for you to develop…
  • SCALE FEATURE – Fighters of WW1Some colour schemes to get the juices flowing…
  • E-FLITE Yak 54The Carbon Z EP foam aerobat.
  • SEAGULL Mew GullThe classic ‘30’s racer for 90 power.
  • ST MODELS Cessna 350The Corvalis in EP RTF foam.
  • E-FLITE P-40 Warhawk 300A mini park flyer version of the WW2 fighter.
  • WORKSHOP – Airbrush weathering!We take a P-40 Warhawk and play dirty!
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