• RALLY REPORT – NATS part 1 BMFA at Barkston Heath, all the scale action…
  • FEATURE PLAN – L’IL NEL Sports aerobatics for .50 power, foam or built-up wing…
  • FREEBEE – SLIPPERY SAM Competitive FF discus launch HLG.
  • FREE FLIGHT – POWER FOR E30 part 1 Trevor Grey looks at suitable power trains…
  • SCALE FEATURE- FW 190D Richard J Caruana gives some schemes for this WW2 fighter…
  • COMPETITION! Win an ATS Mayneline fun fighter for IC
  • NOSTALGIA – HALYCON DAYS A look at the recent SAM 35 vintage weekend at Old Warden.
  • TEST PILOT – C47 SKYTRAIN The GWS twin foamie version of the WW2 workhorse.
  • TEST PILOT – OUTRAGE! A foam 3D EP bipe from Ultrafly
  • TEST PILOT – BANCHEE E-3D Cermark’s large, but lightweight, 3D EP machine!
  • TEST PILOT – FUN FIGHTER! ATS Mayneline Fw 190 IC fighter with an outrunner…
  • TEST PILOT – TURBULENT Top Gun’s little scale EP Druine flies well…
  • WORKSHOP – EP CONVERSION We take a medium sized IC ARTF and convert to EP.
  • THE BLACK ART The Electric Flight column
  • WORKSHOP – A TOY THAT FLIES! A model to get youngsters started?
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