• OPTIMUM RADIO part 14Royal Evo from Multiplex.
  • RALLY RETRO 1RC Model Flyer Scale Trophy Meet 2008.
  • FEATURED PLAN – StrollerBuild this EP sports flyer for FF or micro RC…
  • COMPETITIONWin a Yak 54 kit!
  • RALLY RETRO 2 – Gravelines 2008Great hospitality at this French flying meeting…
  • DESIGN – Blohm and Voss P170, part 1A WW2 ‘paper’ airplane – but will it fly?
  • SUPER CHIPPIEUltrafly’s EP ARTF Super Chipmunk.
  • MINI BOSSA NOVARipmax 3D machine reduced in size, but not performance…
  • FRENZY!Hangar 9’s Aerobatic machine for IC power.
  • AIRCOMBO!Protech’s RTF fixed wing and rotary wing package deal!
  • MERLIN MAGIC!Two EP helis from Merlin to consider.
  • RABE BEARCATWe finish the all scratch-built CL stunter, part 2.
  • WORKSHOP – Building by degrees – part 7Building the Eindekker fuselage!
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