AeroModeller issue 005 (923) Sept/Oct 2013 (Published August 15th)

10 Lepton
Control Line Fun for 0.5cc-0.8cc Engines
30 A.R.F.A. Sweet Lil’ Sister
Who could resist a sweet lil’ sister like this? A great little outdoor Embryo Class sport flier for all you builders out there that like models that look like they should and with a little pizzazz!
36 2013 Free Flight NATS
Michael J. Woodhouse as our man on the ground reports
41 2013 Holiday on Ice
Competitors brave the elements in Gjovik Norway
58 Old Speed
Mind the Lines and Mike Parry returns with a look at the Barton Vintage Racing Team: Truly a Blast From the Past Departments
4 Heard at the Hangar Doors
News from across the Globe
6 Up & Coming
Events not to be missed
8 Aero Post
Readers Letters from Around the World
22 Product Review
A good look into Aerographic’s Piper J-3 Cub for rubber Power.
50 Web Walk
Mike Evatt walks the web for more aeromodelling delights
54 For Old Times Sake
Don Howie presents a look into early life of Ben Shereshaw and the impact his designs
66 Tail End Charlie
More from Chris Ottewell Technology
16 How-To: Tin Plate Fuel Tanks
Ian Peacock shows us all how to do it like we did back in the day. Now that the commercial climate has changed, it’s time to break out your iron again!
20 An Engine for Control Line Stunt
The venerable OS FP-25 has proven itself (with simple fi ne tuning) to be a viable, if not better, alternative, to the classic Fox 35 for C/L Stunt applications.
26 Power Trip
Maris Dislers Reviews The Marvelous Red Phin Millish Diesels.
44 Better Propellors, Part 2
Now that you have been properly familiarized with the mechanics of rubber powered propellors in part I, John O’Donnell further educates you with more of his years of experience and wisdom to help you navigate the world of…


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