10 SAB Goblin 700 Black Thunder Green
The 700 Black Thunder is the replacement for the outgoing 700 Competition model
and we found the new heli to have very distinctive fl ying characteristics in that it
is agile, fast and powerful. Our contributor decided to nickname it “The Evil One”.
Now that we have your attention, check out our detailed review on page 10
24 Align T-Rex 150X
The smallest 150-size T-Rex in the range gets an overhaul in the form of the
150X with a stiffer frame, longer blades, a more powerful motor and Bluetooth
connectivity through to the 150 GRS board. With lots of experience of the original,
it was easy to see how the new model has improved
40 DJI Mavic Pro
This product is biggest shock to the drone market since the original DJI Phantom,
but while the aforementioned history-defi ning model took some three generations
to own the space, the Mavic Pro seems to have hit the target immediately
50 Blade 200 S
When you are new to the hobby, model helicopters can be a daunting prospect
and a steep learning curve. We all have to stat somewhere though and with the
Blade’s new 200 S model we think that this is currently one of the best entry-level

30 Team Selection
The final round of the F3N League also took in the last of the team trials as the best in the UK vied for a place in the 2017 GBR F3N squad. As usual the best pilots were
on hand to battle the conditions and situations that challenged them throughout
the weekend
36 The BlackSheep of FPV
David Stock talks to a very interesting young man called Raphael Pirker who
has pushed the boundaries of drone fl ying and developing the FPV principle.
With stunning videos to his credit, he explains how recreational fl ying led to him
becoming a top FPV pilot and onto developing the Team BlackSheep brand

Price: £4.50
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