• SCEADU EVOLUTION PT.II – Flying notes, and upgrading for the ultimate performance
• I.C. ROTOSPEED & I.C. THERMO – Innovative new monitoring products for your i.c. heli, from Pacelink
• REFLEX XTR, PT. I – John Beynon test drives the latest in PC simulator technology
• R/C LAMA XRB – Hirobo have taken the umbilical chord off their little one, with remarkable results…
• TWISTER – Cheap but very effective miniature heli from J Perkins
• ZOOM BELT DRIVE CONVERSION – Introduce your Zoom to sustained backwards flight!


• VINTAGE: HIROBO ENSTROM – a nostalgic look back at a charming scale model of days gone by
• LEARNING CURVE – Quick, hide! The Editor’s got hold of the controls
• INTERVIEW: RON HASLAM – Yes it’s true, Rocket Ron loves his model helicopters!
• LEARN AEROBATICS – Okay girls, now let’s all pirouette together…
• COMPETITION – Win a Zoom belt-drive, and signed Ron Haslam print
• FULL-SIZE: SCHWEIZER 300 – Photo album of a light heli classic


• F3C EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS – Follow the action from Germany

Plus: News, events diary, and new products

Price: £4.50
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