November 2012 Published October 5th


• KDS Innova 450 QS
Tom Stacey ventures outside with Century UK’s latest RTF 450 option
• Blade 130X
Jamie Cole gives the Blade mCPX’s big brother a full 3D flight test
• Mini Titan Super Cobra
What do you get when you cross the Thunder Tiger Mini Titan E325 and a scale Super Cobra fuselage? The answer is this Super Combo package


• Tackling the Demon
Crashing model helicopters is all part of the fun and misery involved in this fascinating hobby
• 3D Masters 2012 pt2
We take a look at some of the new products on show and demo’d at this year’s event
• The Rotavator
This month, our intrepid R/C helicopter expert gives instruction on how to sell a second hand machine
• £500 prize competition
Your chance to win a Blade 130X and Mini Titan Super Cobra in our big double prize competition
• Swann Morton
Joe Brown takes a trip to Sheffi eld to visit Swann Morton on the company’s 80th birthday
• Stepping stones
Our young pilot, Aaron takes the next step into the world of Blade helis
• The Flyin’ Fish
Dave Fisher takes some time out of his busy schedule to speak to Mike Williamson
• Reaching for the sky
BIg Bad Dom Mehta faces up to the fact that he has a serious case of heli addiction

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