10 The Airfix/MRRC Story Part II
We trace the history of the famous British slot pioneering
brand, MRRC, right up to its now German owners.
18 The 1976 British Grand Prix set from
How many of you can say “I was there”? – well I was!
24 “Gordon Bennett – is that Chitty
Chitty Bang Bang over there?”
Stepping back even further in time we have this selection of
Brass Era Edwardian racer kits from George Turner, lovingly
built by Roy Grant.
28 F rom Barcelona with Love!
We look at who Scaleauto are and at some of what they
have to offer, which turns out to be… a lot!
34 F 1 Team Lotus – Honda 99T Conversion
Regular, Mark Hatton has been busy with the NSR F1’s again
– this time bringing us the Lotus Camel team from 1987.
40 ‘Kapow! Blam!
are you being a Joker Batma n’?
I cant believe that this iconic car has finally made it to the
slot track!
46 A ta le of two McLarens
More outrageously fabulous work from our Canadian
contributor Chris Walker – does he never sleep?
50 L ow Power High Tech – F1 Proxy Series
Proxy Music? Well, this report was music to us – Andi
Rowland tells all.
56 The Mat ra MS10 Cosworth Ford
Perhaps one of the nicest mouldings from the Airfix/MRRC
era – I bring you the Matra MS10.
60 The Lotus 56B –
The whispering race car
Don’t do what I do – do what I say -, how not to build a
model of the Lotus 56B Turbine. Part 1

Price: £5.50