10 Collecting the Escort
Here we take a look at the various versions of Ford of
Europe’s best selling small to mid-sized car, seen by the
world’s slot car manufacturers
18 N ew from Scalextric
Some new releases from Margate due very soon,
which includes a famous movie car, that has never been
produced before
24 WOR KSHOP – The Radical Lotus 88
As built by regular contributor Philip Prestage
30 T he 2022 Goodwood Festival of Speed
We visit this year’s gala event held in the grounds of
Goodwood house, and witness a record broken
36 A Historic Re-vamp
Slot regular Chris Walker from Toronto send us his delightful
take of the Classic Cox 1/24th scale Dino sports car
40 S een it before?
You may think you have but this is the new XJR10 from
44 WOR KSHOP – A Proxy Series Winner
Chris also shows us how he prepared an NSR GT3 Porsche
that went on to win a 10-race proxy series
48 T ales from Down Under part 2
Australian Neil Owen (Vintage Racer) re-lives his early day of
racing, and when he received his first “proper” slot car kit
50 T he Policar F1 Grand Prix
Here we have a review of this wonderful race held at the
Gaydon UKSF from Andi Rowland
56 S Le Mans Ferrari
A well as the IMSA Jaguar featured in this issue we also have
a review of this classic Ferrari 512M which raced at Le Mans
in 1971
60 NSR in the USA
Andrea Noviello, the young CEO of the Italian company
checks out the racing scene in New Jersey

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