8 Collecting Feature
Look back at what has been produced as slot car models
of one of the largest Automobile makers in the world. One
that is close to my heart – Chevrolet
18 Nuremburg Toy Fair 2023
After a break since 2020 this important trade fair was back
on the calendar. We bring you all the news from Germany
26 Review – The Ferrari 126C2 F1 car
In a long line of classic F1 slot cars, Policar brings us
their latest offering the 1982 Ferrari F1 as raced by Didier
Pironi. And what a peach of a model it is
32 Workshop – Mirage Build
Most of the various versions of the Gulf-Mirage have been
released over the years but not this one, the M2. We build
the missing link
38 Scalextric at Silverstone
We visit the home of British Motor Racing, Silverstone and
get a preview of a stunning new attraction based in the
wonderful museum based at the circuit
44 R ace Report GT3 Series
Here we have a look at the opening round of the 2023 UK
GT3 Championship. Hosted by Wolves
48 Review – Rover SD1
Scalextric have just released their new version of the
ETCC Rover Vitesse as raced by TWR. I do happen to
know a bit about these cars – so will it pass my critical eye?
54 Car of the Year
We look back over 2022 and bring you our opinion on
some of the most notable releases
56 Past Forward
Vintage Racer brings us his memories of his greatest
win, in his continuing “Tales from Down Under” series of
entertaining articles
58 Workshop – Rare Lotus
Philip Prestage brings another of his unique F1 slot car
builds. This time it is a resin bodied JPS Lotus 77 as driven
by Ronnie Peterson
62 R ays Photography
Here we have part 2 of New Jersey’s Ray Lego’s article
on photographing slot cars. Here he gives us an insight of
some of his equipment and a few useful tips

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