10 UK SLOT FEST 2019
The UK Slot Festival at Gaydon is
now one of the most important slot
events anywhere in the world. We
spend time at this important event
24 McLaren F1
The 50 plus years of this iconic
British Team seen through the eyes
of the slot car industry
34 Slot Car People
With the high streets being decimated
through e-commerce its nice to see
one of the few bastions of slot car
retail in the Capital left
36 Get your kicks on Route..?
As a big fan of Americana this layout
blew us away. Take a long look at
the detailed work of Simon Rolfe
44 Workshop – The Scalextric
McLaren MCL33 – updated
“I ain’t no Angel “– We add a halo and
other things to the Alonso Scalextric
McLaren MCL33
48 2019 Orpington Swap Meet
We visited the 30th Annual London
Slot Car show. Which happens to be
one of the longest running UK Slot
car swap meets held in Orpington
50 Policar Ferrari P4
A new RTR slot model of a Ferrari
sports car is always big news – the
world welcomes the Ferrari P4
from Policar
54 My Completed Layout ?
When is a scenic slot track ever
finished? Well in the eyes of regular
contributor Mark Hatton -never! We
look at where he is with it and what
he feels still needs to be done
60 The Crazy World of Ed Roth
Not sure how best to describe this?
Funky, Quirky or just Swinging 60’s
Chic? Our French correspondent
Richard Hills spotted this strange
machine at the Bordeaux Vintage,
earlier in the year

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