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In an effort to turn the proverbial lemon, in the form of an unsuccessful Tiger design, into lemonade, Porsche engineers at the behest of the German army, converted the failed chassis into one of the largest and most potent tank destroyer designs of World War II. Initially fielded as the Ferdinand, the vehicles were further modified, and ultimately given a new – and apt – name: ‘Elefant.’ This new volume explores not only the combat history of both the Ferdinand and Elefant, but also chronicles the development of the ill-fated Porsche Tiger design through 88 period black-and-white photos. Further enhancing its utility to the enthusiast, 110 full-color photos of the only surviving examples of each type illustrate the nuances of the construction and subsequent wartime modification of these giant tank killers. Also features 16 detailed line drawings as well as 15 masterful color profiles; 80 pages.

ISBN 978-0-89747-704-8 soft cover

ISBN 978-0-89747-703-1 hard cover

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