AeroModeller issue 002 (920) March/April 2013 (Published February 21st)

10 Midget Mustang
The classic 1948 Dave Long design control line for Clubman Sport Stunt.
20 Inside Cox International
A chat with Bernie Eisele.
30 Just a “Pudgey” Bostonian
A pint-sized package of performance that will knock your socks off!
36 Compressed Air Motors
Part 2 – Design. The development of modern compressed air motors.

4 Heard at the Hangar Doors
News from across the Globe.
6 Up & Coming
Events not to be missed.
9 Competition
Win the latest Dremel tool for your workshop.
15 2013 AMA EXPO
A look at the US West Coast show and debut of the new AeroModeller.
24 Scale Matters
An introduction to the Free Flight Scale scene.
66 Tail End Charlie
The return of AeroModeller explained

16 Power Trip
A close look Into Cox .049 Bee Engines Part 1.
26 A Clunk Tank for All Reasons
Putting together a plastic clunk tank that will work in any control line stunt model.
42 Dominator Revival
Real Vintage Combat… The Madness Continues.
43 Chips With Everything
Including the “Ramblings of a Shed Dweller”.
48 Aeromodelling the World Wide Web
A Web Walk into cyberspace where F/F and C/L aeromodellers thrive.
52 F1D World Championships
Indoor competition on the World stage as seen through the eyes of one of Great Britain’s fi rst F1D Junior Team members.
60 Tru-Flite Top Tips
Building tips and tricks that can improve fl yability and survivability for scale rubber power kit models.

Vintage & History
56 For Old Times’ Sake
Don Howie’s Vintage perspective from Australia

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