AeroModeller issue 029 (947) April 2016 (Published March 17th)

04 Heard at the Hangar Doors
Editorial, News and Views.
06 Off the Shelf
A look at new and innovative
08 Power Trip – PAL Pesky Diesel
Another jewel of a small diesel from
PAL is reviewed by Maris Dislers.
The use of Radio in Free Flight may
seem an oxymoron, but DT at will could open
up more flying fi elds. How to start.
17 Up and Coming
Calendar of Events for the
next months.
18 Future of Free Flight
An overview by Andrew Boddington
of the BMFA FFTC organised conference.
20 Covering with Tissue Paste
Andy Sephton gives a step by
step guide to tissue covering using Deluxe
Materials’ new formulation.
23 Redfish Developments
Alex Phin shares some surprising
new engine details.
24 Taster Stunt
Wanted to have a go at CL aerobatic
contests, but were intimidated by the
schedule? Taster Stunt is the answer! Mick
Taylor and Nick Zotov.
26 World Junior FF Champs
Alan Jack explains the initiative to
get more UK youngsters flying in international
FF duration.
38 Arizona USA FF Regionals
Mike Woodhouse follows the sun to
Arizona to fl y FF duration at the SWR.
40 For Old Times’ Sake
Don Howie’s vintage perspective
from Oz.
44 Walk in the Park
Small model flying in the USA by
Pat Tritle.
46 The 41st Crawley Indoor
Active flyer numbers were up at this
annual event. Andrew Boddington reports.
48 Weird & Wonderful Engines
In part 2, Dick Roberts describes and
runs more oddball engines.
54 Better… Airfoils. Part 22
How are airfoils selected for model
use? John O’Donnell separates fashion from
59 Days of Fun!
Tony Dowdeswell looks back at
starting work on AeroModeller when it was
only 25 years old!
62 From the Armchair
‘Supercool’ Stuart Sherlock uses an
onboard video camera to spy on the CL
Rivets wing.
66 Tail End Charlie
The thoughts of Chris Ottewell.

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