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10 Stuttgart’s greatest achievement?
If you have never watched the 1971 movie Le Mans by
Steve McQueen then shame on you! Featured here is the
definitive collectors guide to the Porsche 917K and LH.
20 T rack Layout Feature
With all the recent references we have been making about
Airfix, it sparked Eddy Vodden to send in pictures of his
latest retro circuit, based on – you guessed it, Airfix track!
26 One of a kind for Henry II
Ford Escort Mk2 RS2000 Automatic? They never made
one, did they? Tim James of Weevil Slot proves otherwise.
30 Graham Hills Lotus 56
Seeing my slightly aborted Lotus 56B build in the last issue,
Chris Walker sent us pictures of his 1/24th Scale Indy
version of the Gas Turbine Lotus.
33 Live Event
The 2021 Goodwood Festival of Speed – Yummy!
36 T he Cat that roared!
At Last! – the Jaguar XJ-S from Scalextric – their Big Cat is
40 R ay’s Classic Masterclass
An interesting man with an interesting name!
42 Workshop
The Wolf WR5, a reasonably easy Scalextric conversion.
46 T he work of Phillip Prestage
Phillip Prestage is well known in the slot car community, and
now he shares his work with us at Slot Magazine. In this
issue we look at some his Airfix conversions and a Pontiac
GTO with a Rock n Roll background!
52 Workshop
I finally get my resin bodied Lotus 56B project finished!
Turned out nice in the end!
56 MRRC Today
We look at what Kurt Petri has been doing with the brand
since he took it on in 2010.
60 T he King of the Hill?
A car for the Playstation
generation? The Nissan
GT-R from

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