10 Collecting M series BMW slot cars
The M division of BMW turned 50 this year and the slot
car world was not too far behind in making models
20 I s this the new Bluesmobile or what?
Forty-two years after the film the Blues Brothers was
released, Scalextric have given us a slot car model of
the famous Dodge Monaco ex-police car. Maybe a little
late – but it was certainly worth the wait!
26 Workshop – Front into rear will go
We show you how to swap a front motored Fly car to a
more conventional rearward location
32 T he 2022 BRM/TTS Group 2 Championship
Ray Lego in NJ sends us reports on the final four races
of this series for 1/24th scale Group 2 saloons
38 T he Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA from BRM
We take a close look at one of the cars that proved
popular in the BRM/TTS Group 2 Championship
42 Workshop –
The last Championship winning Tyrrell
Slot regular contributor Philip Prestage sends us one of
his latest F1 creations, turning and old SCX Ferrari into
a later Tyrrell
46 S omething slightly different
Policar have released both the F1 Ferrari 312B2 and
the Lotus 72 before, but not exactly like these two
50 Club focus
The guys at the Wye Valley Slot Car have sent us this
report on their new location in South Wales. They do
like Rallying and Rally Raiding over there!
Ray Lego sent us details of his first ever model build –
a rather nice 1/24th Scale Nigel Mansell Ferrari using a
Japanese kit body and a Klasse 1 European chassis
58 T ales from Down Under part 3
More Tales from Downunder as Neil Owen AKA
Vintage Racer shares with us his memories of slot car
racing in Australia during the 1960’s
60 T he 2022 Goodwood Revival Meeting –
The best ever?
Well look at these pictures and you decide

Price: £5.50