10 Collecting Aston Martins
An Aston Martin appeared in the very first Scalextric
catalogue in 1960, and the Margate based company more
than anyone else have been producing models of the iconic
British brand ever since
20 Review – Scalextric Classic Mustang Coupe
While many companies have produced the fastback version
of the early Mustang not many have looked at the coupe,
favoured in Saloon car racing both in period and in Historic
events today
24 Review – Scalextric Mustang convertible
As featured in the James Bond Movie Goldfinger
26 Workshop – Produce your own custom decals
We talk you through the process
30 Photo Workshop
One of our regular North American contributors Ray Lego,
is a talented professional photographer. Ray shows of some
of his work and adds some tips along the way
35 B ook Review
After being in business for 30 years, in 2022 Angele and
Benoit of Le Mans Miniatures have published a book to
celebrate their anniversary. We take a peek
36 Workshop – Arrows A8 F1
Regular contributor Philip Prestage shows
off some more of his clever F1 conversion
work. This time based on an old Scalextric
Camel Lotus
40 T rack Test – NSR v Scaleauto
We compare the two generic F1 models – on and off the
44 Workshop – Thunderbirds are….. huge!!!
We build a model of Bill Shepherds 1950’s monster that
eventually took the honours at the 2021 Goodwood Revival
St Marys Trophy
50 Ta les from down under
We have the continuing stories of what slot racing was like
during the 1960’s in the Southern Hemisphere by Vintage
52 R eview – A variation of a theme
The short-tailed Joest Porsche 962C from Le Mans 1991 by We compare it to previous models, both LH and high
56 Review – You can’t buy this in the shops – yet
We have exclusive access to the WRC Ford Puma being
released later this year from Scalextric
58 S how Report
The 2022 Foroslot slot car show in Madrid – Pictures kindly
sent in by Richard D’Cruze
60 Review – The Scalextric Canon Williams FW11
The car in which “Our Nige” wins the 1986 British Grand Prix
at Brands Hatch – I was there!
62 R esin Astons
Tying in nicely with our Aston Martin feature are these three
lovely classic Aston Martins – built lovingly by Rod Grant of
Mulsanne Models

Price: £5.99