Just for starters
6 full size plan feature
junkers R53/k53
A 36.8″ (935mm) span model for KP-01 electric or 0.4-0.5cc diesel
engine power of an early Junkers design
10 corrugated surface skinning
PART 2: John Menhennet offers the details of the novel method he
used for his Junkers Ju52
PART 7: Gorden Whitehead explains detail design – sizing-up from
three-views; calculating and optimising model size; designing
24 tupolev Tu-95 ‘bear’
JIM PALMER picked Russia’s globe trotting menace, modelling it to
84″ wingspan for two .25.to 40 size engines … but those long slim
engine nacelles are ideal for electric power too
34 Tu-95 scALe drawing
1:250 scale three-views on a monster aircraft
36 ‘Bear’ type history
Introduced during the first decades of the East/West ‘Cold War’
confrontation, the ‘Bear’ has now seen front-line service for seventy
years and is expected to serve for a further twenty!
In many WW1 and other ‘early aviation’ aircraft the crew seats used
wicker-basket construction. Don Luck shows how to add this piece
of authenticity
44 aviation archive
The General Aircraft Monospars
Introduced during the early 1930s when regional commercial
aviation was just getting into its stride, this twin engine type was the
right aeroplane at the right time
50 spatsmanship
Wheel spats are a vulnerable part of any scale model that uses
them, simply because these are the parts that reach the ground
first in any ill-judged ‘arrival’. Here’s Peter Holloway’s answer
52 subjects for scale
FVM 01 tummelisa
Sweden’s aviation industry has long produced successful ‘homegrown’
civil and military aircraft. This early trainer is a very attractive
proposition for scale modelling
56 tummelisa scale draWING
1:40 Scale three-views

Price: £5.99