October / November 2006 Published October 6th


• Synergy N9 – It’s already selling like hot cakes! Matt Hall takes the plunge with Jason Krause and Todd Bennett’s 3D masterpiece
• Raptor Titan – Happy to toss two of his old banger V.2’s into a bin bag, Colin McGinn test drives the latest V.3
• Duralite Regulator – Ever wished you could stop that dip in power when your receiver NiCad starts to die? There is a solution…


• Electric Airwolf – Take a set of Swift mechanics and a Century Airwolf body… what have you got? A recipe for something rather special!
• The World of LiPo’s – Aurorra’s Mike Redmond knows his ‘C’ from his ‘burst’ ratings and is ready to share the knowledge
• Letter from America – Pardon me boy: is that the Chattanooga Fly-In? Tim DiPeri tunes his tail and visit one of America’s finest events.
• Watts Up? – Martin Briggs has the electric bug, and is even prepared to convert his favourite among all favourite helis…
• Colin on Tour, Pt. II – Follow Colin’s extraordinary journey across the world


• European Championships – Held at Blandford Forum in Dorset. All the best photo action
• 3D Masters 2006 – Superb flying and drama from the annual Northampton 3D showdown

Price: £4.50
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