• CENTURY R22 – New 50-size version of the famous training heli, based on Raven mechanics, from Century Helicopters
• WEST 50H – Engines this size don’t come any more powerful!
• EXTREME RAPTOR HEAD – Fancy lump of metal to move your Raptor into 3D mode
• 3D MASTERS DVD – Get yourself a permanent memory of the best show in town


• MARK CHRISTY – Britain’s best FAI flier bares his soul for Rotorworld
• BEGINNERS SERIES Part III – Trimming out your heli, and taking those first tentative steps into hovering
• EC-135 EUROCOPTER – Alex Whittaker continues his tour around the world of full-size
• PICCOLO TWEAKS – Ever fancied making some improvements to your indoor heli? Take some tips from top fiddler Pete Rondell
• LEARN AEROBATICS – If you’ve perfected the loop, move on with us to the roll
• BUYER’S GUIDE – Details of all 40 / 50 size models available in the UK. Make your shopping a little easier!
• TWIN STAR – Scale maestro Ken Gale rebuilds something a little bit special – and teaches us about plugs and moulds too


• EYNESFORD SCALE DAY – Oh, what a lovely summer we had. Tales of Kentish men and their models in a field, on a blistering hot day…

Plus: News, events diary, and new products

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