March 2012 Published February 3rd


• Mini-Titan E325 V2
Mike Williamson sets out to prove that despite being around for a while, the Thunder Tiger Mini-Titan V2 is still a winner
• Book review
We take a read through ‘Taking off with RC Electric Helicopters – FAQs 102’ by Jack Clarke
• Blade mSR X
Tom Stacey takes the new latest flybarless micro for a spin
• Take on Helicopters
Is it a simulator or is it a game? Well, it’s a bit of both as Tom Stacey explains…
• O.S. engine
Tim DiPeri tests the latest engine from O.S. designed specifically for F3C competition
• Micro Twister Pro 2.4GHz
Another high performance micro machine available for a very reasonable cost


• Tackling the demon
More maintenance tips to get you through the winter season
• MAKS Moscow Airshow
Gordon Upton visits this Russian full size helicopter fest
• Competition
Your chance to win a brand new Blade mSR X
• The Rotavator
Our mysterious expert pilot continues going back to basics
• 3DX China 2011
We report from the second running of this growing event
• Reaching for the sky pt6
Big Bad Dom looks visits Santa at the Helicopter Museum
• Letter from America
Tim DiPeri returns with a visit to a good ol’ American fun-fly
• How hard can it be?
A light hearted look at one man’s attempt to tune his heli

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