• RAPTOR 90 SE – Carbon frames, and a metal head take Thunder Tiger’s Raptor onto another level
• REFLEX, XTR, PT. II – John Beynon finds out how to make this most popular of simulators run faster
• IKARUS ECO 7 – Innovative, and new, electric semi-scale
• SCEADU PT. III / DURALITE – Kevin Boulden investigates a complete solution to his radio power problems
• EXTREME 3D RAPTOR UPGRADE – Want your 50-size to benefit from CCPM, and carbon frames? Well, it just so happens…


• I SAY, I SAY… – What tips do you have for making our radios more effective? Time to ask Mark Christy, Dave Fisher and Colin McGinn…
• LEARNING CURVE – John Clark finally gets to grips with some outdoor flying, on the buddy lead
• TACHO FOR A TENNER – Want an effective, cheap way of checking out your head speed? Bart Dalgado has a solution
• IN TRAY – Is there a LiPo price rigging culture afoot? Also, aerial photography, and an electric Bell 47G are discussed
• PRO-FILE – We visit Ben Godfrey of Bekra R/C, one of the West
Country’s most popular model shops
• LEARN AEROBATICS – Taking your simple autos and changing them into the rotating kind – plus, news of an exciting new 3D competition!

Plus: News, events diary, and new products

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