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Breaking news stories from the world of drones, multi-copters and UAVs
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The latest new drones, products and accessories launched for this
growing market
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A comprehensive listing of upcoming helicopter and drone events
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10 Dragons’ Den Meets Drone Safe Register
We go behind the scenes to find out how Mark Boyt from Drone Safe
Register was able to tame the Dragons and get entrepreneur Peter Jones
on-board to take the company to the next level
20 US Nationals
Tim DiPeri heads out to the International Radio Control Helicopter
Association week and the American National Championships that would
see the US team selected for next year’s World Championships
34 UK F3N Pilots On Tour
Kleinenbroich in Germany would host a round of the F3N World Cup
series that attracted a high standard of pilot including a strong entry
from the UK
58 A Model Show For All The Family
In association with the Maidstone Model Flying Club the Southern Model
Show was billed as a great day out, but it turned out to be a whole
weekend of joy for all the family

14 Parrot Anafi
Using nature as the inspiration for its look, European brand Parrot
looks to take the challenge to the Chinese with its new Anafi model
with its new portable 4K drone that boasts a gimbal-mounted camera
and lossless zoom. Tom Stacey puts the latest model from the French
company to the test
26 Blade 230 S V2
The new 230 S V2 model from Blade is highly capable but also will suit
the lesser experienced pilot with its SAFE technology and panic button as
well as three flight modes to choose from depending upon their ability
38 Flexifoil Camera Kite
Flexfoil is a brand offering a wide range of kites including this one that
can be equipped with an action camera or smartphone to capture great
aerial imagery
44 Witte Helicopters Lockheed 286L
When Jon Tanner made a trip to Rotor Live he was inspired to build his
own Lockheed 286L after seeing the model displayed by Stefan Witte
from Witte Helicopters. At the same event he eyed up the perfect set of
mechanics from PSG and in this issue he puts the two together
60 Quanum Trifecta
As the name suggests, the Quanum Trifecta is a tri-copter but why would
you choose a model like this over a conventional quad? Shaun Garrity
reflects on his first tri-copter build before getting his hands on the Trifecta
model to see how the Quanum model flies

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