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Breaking news stories from the world of helicopters, drones,
multicopters and UAVs
25 What’s New
The latest new drones, helicopters, products and accessories
launched for this growing market
56 Coming Up
Looking ahead to helicopter and drone events for the coming
57 Next Issue
A glimpse of what’s coming in the next issue of the magazine
60 Buyer’s Guide
Our comprehensive listing of available multicopters in all
66 Contacts & Info
Information and contacts that will help you get the most from
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14 Rotor Live 2023
First held in 2010, Rotor Live 2023 was the 11th time
the event took place, attracting top pilots, manufacturers,
distributors and more for a weekend of all things heli in
Germany. Find out all about the new items and highlights of
the two days starting on page 14
20 AHA Insight
The Association of Helicopter Aerosports is the specialist body
within the BMFA representing all RC helicopter disciplines and
pilots. Julie Fisher, the F3N Competition Secretary and BMFA
(RCPTC) Representative guides you through who the AHA are,
what they do and more in this insight
22 Futaba 16IZ Super
The latest evolution of the Futaba 16IZ is the 16IZ Super with
its bronze coloured finish to the case. Tim DiPeri takes a look
at the new transmitter, analysing the highlights and features of
the model
26 DJI Mavic 3 Classic
The latest evolution of the Mavic 3 range is the Classic and
their new flagship drone. Equipped with a proven 4/3 CMOS
20MP Hasselblad camera, it is capable of shooting 5.1K
video, and with 8km HD video transmission, a maximum flight
time of 46-minutes, APAS 5.0 obstacle sensing, and advanced
RTH, it is no wonder we couldn’t wait to test it
36 Hirobo GPH 346 Conversion
Jon Tanner takes an unloved nitro heli and gives it an electric
makeover with a Kontronik power package and an Agusta
109A fuselage courtesy of Funkey
48 Production Racers
Shaun Garrity reflects on how drone racing developed in its
early years, the rate at which this improved and some of the
standout packages of the period

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