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14 DJI New Pilot Experience
Drone Safe Register, the popular retailer based in Sussex, hosted a day
for prospective customers to try a range of DJI products with their staff on
hand for help and advice. Shaun Taylor has worked closely with DSR in
the past, and took the trip to Chichester Golf Club to participate in one of
the DJI New Pilot Experience sessions
22 Blade InFusion 180
As a manufacturer, Blade offers a range of heli machinery that often
either gets people into flying helis, or allows them to move onto a more
challenging platform. The new InFusion 180 focusses on the former,
and is ideal for the first-time heli pilot or someone moving across to the
category, with a durable design that is easy to fly, and equipped with
SAFE Technology including self-levelling and progressive flight modes and
panic recovery that is sure to appeal to the newbie pilot
28 DJI Remote Control Pro
The Pro is DJI’s top of the range controller with a 5.5-inch 1080p screen
and aims itself at professional who needs the very best functionality
available for operating their drones. Tom Stacey checks out the Remote
Control Pro and discusses if it’s worth the hefty price tag
36 AHA Charmouth Fun Fly
The end of the heli season traditionally wraps up with the second of two
Fun Fly events down on the Jurassic coast. Run twice a year by the AHA,
Charmouth is the longest running fun fly in the UK and as usual, Julie
Fisher was present to report on all the goings-on
40 BDRA Getting Started
Who better to take you through how to get started in drone racing that
the British Drone Racing Association’s own Secretary, Jamie Cole, who
has come up with this detailed guide in the first of a new series of articles
44 F3N Nationals 2022
Whilst there was some familiar faces at the top of the score sheets, it was
great to see some new names giving the F3N Nationals a go at the Flyin’
Fish venue. This round also saw the third and final Team Trial for the
World Championships taking place in August this year in Indiana, USA
so the pressure was on
48 SAB Goblin Raw 420
With its distinctive looks and that minimalist canopy, SAB’s latest Goblin
Raw model takes the proven features of big brother, scales them down,
and then wraps them up in a stunning small package

Price: £5.50