14 Soxos Strike 7
This is the first part of our review of the 700-size
Soxos Strike 7 as we look at the history of
the brand and begin construction of the Swiss
design. This will be followed by a second
feature focussing on installation of the electrics
and flight testing
24 Nuremberg Toy Fair 2020
We spent three days in Germany for the annual
Spielwarenmesse 2020, searching the halls
to check out what the RC manufacturers and
distributors had to offer
28 DJI Mavic Mini
With the new flying regulations coming into
force, DJI was quick to address this and with
their new Mavic Mini, has managed to make a
model that comes in under the 250g limit, thus
eliminating the need for it to be registered. But
how does DJI’s newest little model perform?
36 Henseleit Helicopters TDSF
The German brand Henseleit Helicopters,
makes a welcome return to the pages of the
magazine with their TDSF model. Dubbed
the Slow Flyer, this model is one of the most
distinctive 700-sized helis out there with its
unique canopy and split colour scheme
46 NBD AcroBee Lite RTF
This version of NewBeeDrone’s AcroBee Lite
comes Ready-To-Fly and is based around their
popular and durable Cockroach frame. Preassembled
and configured with Betaflight, all
you have to do is turn on the included radio,
plug in a charged battery, turn on your goggles
and go
52 AHA Charmouth Heli Fly-In
The second event at Charmouth every year
wraps out the outdoor flying season in style,
located in the surrounding of Dorset’s Jurassic
coastline. Roger Mayo reports from the event,
kindly supported by great photography from
Scott Mayo and Alan Robinson

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