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14 SAB Goblin Raw
The Goblin Raw uses some of the same innovative
features found on the Kraken including the large boom
that allows the use of bigger tail pulleys, rotor head,
tail rotor, motor mount and battery system. Topped
off with the distinctive, permanently-attached open
canopy, you can read why the Raw has become such
a popular heli in a short period of time
The new DHI FPV model sees the Chinese brand target
a new market with an immersive flight experience,
high-quality cinematic quality FPV footage, and yet still
achieve speeds of up to 87mph. It may not be the best
looking drone on the market but we let the results do
the talking
36 Hirobo Shuttle Bell 222
At the end of the Hirobo Shuttle Plus 2 SXX EP FL kit
review in DZ 31, it was eluded that this wouldn’t be
the last you would see of the heli and that there were
already plans for the future. Well here it is. Jon Tanner
has added a scale Bell 222 fuselage to the heli, and in
his words, “Dressed up the Shuttle”
48 Miniature Aircraft X-Cell Fury 57
It’s great to have an X-Cell back in the pages of the
magazine and on page 48 we start a two-part build
and flight test of the German brand’s latest nitropowered
heli, the Fury 57

Price: £5.50