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14 Blade 150 S Smart
The latest evolution of Blade’s 150-size line-up is the
S Smart that as the name suggests, now comes with
Smart-specific electronics as well as the capability of
forward programming. With a lot of experience of the
Blade range, Ian Peckett was handed the task of testing
the new model
20 AHA F3C Sportsmans Training Day
Organised by the Association of Helicopter Aerosports,
the F3C Sportsmans Training Day aims to give
interested pilots a chance to find out more about the
class. Roger Mayo reports from the event hosted by
Heli-Pad Model Club
26 An F3C Heli For The Long-Term
After owning the SAB Goblin Urukay Genesis for
around a year, Tim DiPeri offers his thoughts on the
design and specification, what equipment he uses and
most importantly, how it has performed in the air
36 Custom Canopies
If you have a spare canopy lying around, why not give
it a personal touch with a new paint job? Spraying a
canopy is not as hard as many think as Mike Szabo
runs through how he does it from start to finish with lots
of tips along the way
42 Comparing Two of China’s Finest
Both the Air 2S and Mavic 3 are excellent models from
DJI and we have loved every minute of ownership. But
they do require a decent amount of investment so if you
are considering buying either, then read our mini guide
to the best bits of each
48 Drone Development
Shaun Garrity was a keen helicopter pilot before he
was drawn into the new genre of flying enjoyed that
we now call multicopters. From starting out by scratchbuilding
his own models through to the latest high-tech
Chinese machinery, Shaun has experienced most
varieties so who better to brief you on the history of all
things drone…

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