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14 DJI Mavic Air 2
This new aerial photography drone from DJI targets the prosumer market
and with bigger and better features it is a notable improvement over the
original Mavic Air model. Focusing on aerial imagery it’s capable of
capturing 48MP photos with its 1/2-inch CMOS sensor while the 3-axis
gimbal lets you create extra smooth 4K/60fps video. Find out just how
good it is on page 14
24 Hirobo S30 Lama
The Lama is an iconic heli with its large glass dome cockpit and the
boom with its lattice design. And now you can take a traditional S30
Lama and convert to electric power with a complete package from
MEMFlight. Jon Tanner runs through the process
36 F3N League Competition
The first league event took place at the home of Flyin’ Fish in Ickenham,
Middlesex that was attended by many of the top heli pilots as the likes
of Aaron Cole, Duncan Osbourn and Dave Fisher battled it out for top
40 SAB Goblin Kraken
With their new model, SAB claim that their Kraken, “sets a new standard
in RC helicopters” incorporating a huge change in direction for the
Goblin design. Notable new features include the enclosed power train
system, independent belt transmissions and lighter, stronger main and tail
rotor systems. Our in-depth review focuses on the build, settings and of
course its flight performance
48 Freestyle Masters 2020
In one of the few RC heli events to take place in a coronavirus-hit year,
the top 3D pilots headed to BMFA Buckminster in September to compete
alongside the famous fixed-wing event and the Freestyle Masters
52 1st-RC Carbon Blades
Most of today’s high-end helis are equipped with carbon fibre blades
as they offer fantastic performance especially in 3D. Our long-term test
Soxos Strike 7 was crying out for some carbon fibre blades so Heli-
Professional kindly provided us with a set from 1st-RC to test
54 AccuRC 2
We get our hands on the AccuRC 2 sim that the brand claims, “is the
world’s first aerodynamically accurate RC flight simulator.” The UKbased
company’s software is designed to work on all major brands of
transmitter and gamepad, and has had some fantastic feedback from
those that used it, but what do we think…

Price: £5.50