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14 Italy Calling
The second round of the F3N League also incorporated team
trials which would form the selection process ahead for the
European F3N Championships in Italy in 2022. Aaron Cole
missed the first round where Duncan Osbourn took the Pro
class win, but was back for the second and would take the
fight to the Align pilot
18 A Busy Boyt
Shaun Taylor catches up with Mark Boyt, originally of Sussex
By Air, but made famous on BBC’s Dragons’ Den. Mark is the
mastermind behind the growing empire of Drone Safe Register
and you can find out what he and his brands are up to starting
on page 18
26 Roban With A Grand Scheme
The EC-130 is Roban’s latest Super Scale offering and comes
supplied in an almost ready-to-fly format. For our feature,
Ian Peckett chose the distinctive metallic red and gold Grand
Canyon colour scheme made famous for tourist flights in Las
Vegas. In the first instalment of a two-part review, Ian begins
the lengthy but uncomplicated build process
38 Third Time Lucky
Buying a ‘used’ model always comes with some jeopardy and
Jon Tanner’s latest investment had some worrying signs, but this
didn’t stop him from updating a third-hand HeliArtist BO105
and converting it to electric power. His idea was to make the
tired model a “usable workaday scale heli that won’t break the
bank” and he explains it all in great detail
46 Helifest at Weston Park
Julie Fisher reports from a long but fantastic weekend of heli
flying at the Weston Park International Model Airshow that saw
wins for Duncan Osbourn, Tomas Ralph and Bill Gwinnett in
52 Action From The Air
Josh East has managed to combine three hobbies,
photography, karting and drones perfectly as he spends
his Sunday’s trackside with his DJI Mavic Air 2 taking some
amazing shots of the best British karting action on offer. Shaun
Taylor got in touch with Josh, who he met at a karting event to
talk about his passion and how using a drone has taken his
photography to another level

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