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14 DJI Avata
The Avata is the latest dedicated FPV
model from DJI that comes with the
intuitive Motion Controller for one-handed
operation. Once again the design is a
super-compact and lightweight one, but
comes with the latest DJI technology such
as downward obstacle sensing system, an
emergency brake button that will see the
Avata halt and hover and the excellent
Goggles 2
26 Osbourn Top of the League
The top 3D heli pilots headed to
Buckminster for round two of the league
and part of the Blades over Buckminster
event. It was a wonderful opportunity for
the F3N pilots to show off their skills and
they didn’t disappoint
36 IRCHA Jamboree 2022
Tim DiPeri reports back from the Jamboree
event that was an opportunity for visitors
to meet companies and pilots from all
over the world. Hosted by one of the best
flying facilities in the world, the Jamboree
saw a week of late nights, early mornings,
electric, nitro, turbine and some incredible
heli flying
44 FunKey Bell 222/RVE
Phecda E680
Following on from his feature in the last
issue on the RVE Phecda E680, Jon Tanner
uses this 3D/F3C sport model’s mechanics
and gives it a scale makeover by fitting
a Bell 222 fuselage from FunKey out of
Hong Kong

Price: £5.50