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14 DJI Mini 2
Like its predecessor, new DJI Mini 2 goes under the radar at
sub-250g so there is no need for the pilot to take the required test
which will make it appeal to the recreational flyer. But it’s the spec
and flying performance where the drone really shines with a 12MP
camera capable of shooting 4K video, a 3-axis motorised gimbal,
OcuSync 2.0 HD video transmission up to 10km and 4x digital
zoom, but is it DJI’s best portable drone to date
26 Oxy 5 Nitro P2
In the second instalment of our Nitroxy series of articles we finish
off the build by installing the all-important engine and exhaust,
servos, flight controller and mount some blades, before heading
out to the field and burning some nitro
36 Buying Used
Our hugely experienced Canadian contributor, Mike Szabo,
looks at the second-hand-scene, addressing the potential pitfalls
of buying a used heli, but also the benefits of a purchasing a preowned
42 League Titles and International Selection
The third and final round of the 2020 F3N League took pace
at MK Heli Club and also saw the second team trials for
international selection to represent GBR at the 2021 F3CN World
Championships in Romania. Once again we saw Duncan Osbourn
and Aaron Cole battle to top honours with the smallest of margins
deciding the final result
48 Twister Ninja 250
Sharing its name with the original 2011 model, this new version
of the Ninja looks to carry on with the success. With a retail price
of just over £60, the Ninja 250 is marketed as being, “One of the
easiest to fly single-rotor RC model helicopters currently available”.
This will appeal to the new heli pilot but with plenty of performance
to appeal to experienced fliers as we found out when putting it
through its paces
58 Soxos Strike 7 Tail Upgrade
Our long-term Soxos Strike 7 has been on the receiving end of
many flights already, boasting an impressive spec with 1st-RC
servos and blades, OptiPower batteries, Scorpion motor and
speed controller, V-Bar Neo flybarless system, and it now has a tail
upgrade courtesy of Heli-Professional

Price: £5.50