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14 Blade Fusion 360 Smart
The Fusion 360 is a high-performance collective
pitch helicopter for intermediate heli pilots. The
latest addition incorporates SAFE and Smart
technology, around an all carbon fibre and aluminium
construction, with an improved power system
package, and more. In the next issue, we get to fly
the Bind-N-Fly package and offer our thoughts on the
latest Blade heli that we have tested
26 Heli Maintenance
Routine maintenance of your helicopter – is it
necessary? When should you do it? What should you
do and why? These are just some of the questions Mike
Szabo answers as he runs through his detailed process
of the upkeep routine
36 Hirobo Dauphin 2
Part two of the Hirobo Dauphin 2 feature sees the
model painted and having the scale extras fitted. Jon
Tanner also swaps out the 2-blade rotor head, and
replacing it with a 4-blade version, which he hopes will
give the heli the look he was aiming for since owning it
46 Charmouth Funfly
Julie Fisher heads down to the Jurassic Coast and the
town of Charmouth for the first of two visits in 2022.
Organised by the Association of Helicopter Aerosports,
Charmouth is the longest running funfly in the UK,
and is a great opportunity for helicopter pilots from all
disciplines and club/sport flyers to get together
52 Spektrum NX10
Targeting the intermediate- to advanced-pilots market,
the Spektrum NX10 is Smart-compatible, meaning it
supports the technology found in the matching batteries
and speed controllers. This means the pilot can receive
important telemetry data in real time, whilst the Airware
software provides intuitive programming, aided by
WiFi connectivity. After testing a number of helis with
the NX10, Ian Peckett offers his valued opinion

Price: £5.50