Just for starters
6 guild of aviation artists 2017
Annual ‘Aviation Paintings of the Year’ exhibition
12 stahlwerk (Part 2)
full size free plan feature (part 1)
Peter Rake concludes construction of his 46″ span, easy-tobuild
and fly, electric powered 1920s ‘flivver’
18 kit review: TND hawker typhoon
Ken Sheppard finishes and test flies his 1/8th scale electric
‘Tiffie’ build from the Tony Nijhius Designs kit
24 typhoon n detail
Close-up photo study of the RAF Museum’s Typhoon Mk.1B
provides surface detail for scale modellers
28 TYPHOON warpaint
WW2 colour schemes for the ‘Tiffie’
32 the quiet zone
Peter Rake offers a 19” wingspan Bristol F2B ‘Brisfit for Indoor
or Outdoor electric flying, with full size pull-out plans
40 timeless trainer
Davie Fisher’s Boeing PT-17 Stearman, built from the Flair
Models kit
46 type history boeing PT-13/17
From sturdy military trainer to ag-industry crop sprayer and Air
Show star, the Stearman gained a life well beyond that
orginally envisaged
50 stearman scale drawing
1:40 scale detailed three-view drawing
52 stearman in detail
Close-up detail study to aid in applying surface detail
56 scale at the bmfa nationals
Tom Daly files his photo report of a Scale Nats blessed
with sunshine
62 ply dirty
Ken Sheppard shares the ‘low-tech and effective techniques he
developed to add surface realism to not-so-large scale models,
applicable to both scratch-built models and ARTFs

Price: £5.99