Just for starters
6 full siZe free plans
WACO SRE & monocoupe 110 SPECIAL
A 19″ span electric powered model designed by Peter Rake,
with the prototype model built and photographed by Phillip
Artweger, plus Monocoupe 110 in similar size ,for micro R/C
12 monocoupes you might like
Handy stuff from the FSM archives!.
16 Litho plate panels & rivet heads
Ken Sheppard takes you through his technique achieved by
first hand ‘on-the job’ training and includes rivet lining too
22 B.A.M. swallow II
A magnificent 128” span quarter-scale replica (also available in
102.5” one-fifth-scale) for large electric motors or four-stroke
i/c engines
34 swallow II scale drawing
1:40 detailed three-view
36 Swallow II in detail
Pile on the detail! Close-up photo study.
42 Subject for Scale:
N.A.A. T-28 Tojan
Purpose designed, originally, as a pure military trainer, the T-28
Trojan was evenually ‘called to the colours’ as a fully fledged
counter-insurgency front-line combat aircraft
48 T-28B/C trojan scale drawing
1:60 detailed scale three view drawn from life by ‘Mr. Scale’.
Dave Platt.
50 T-28 flying colours
Colour schemes for the Trojan
52 T-28 in detail
Close-up detail of the T-28S (Fenec)
58 Super-scale T-28 B/C
Dave Platt’s super-accurate Trojan model; plans and cut parts
set now available from Belair Kits in UK
More on the Peter Rake philosphy of airframe design with an
emphasis of this month’s double free plan feature used
as examples

Price: £5.99