AeroModeller issue 006 (924) Nov/Dec 2013 (Published October 17th)

10 Colt mk.II
AStep-by-Step Instructional to Build a Beginners Control Line Trainer for 1cc-1.5cc diesel or glow motors
14 The Jersey Skeeter
A Little Piece of Aeromodelling History
18 Weatherman Speed
What is it All About?
30 The Spirit of Zaic
Thousands upon thousands of aeromodellers dreams of flight and the beauty of its art began with the designs of Frank Zaic
38 2-Headed Penny
Designed and built in two days on a lark for an inter-club contest, nothing proved worse for the competition than a…
46 Timperely Gala 2013
A Free Flight Event Report brought to you by John O’Donnell and Dave Hipperson
48 Aeromodelling Legends
An Interview with Dave Day
60 British Nationals Combat Report 2013
Mick Lewis Reports

4 Heard at the Hangar Doors
News from across the Globe
6 Up & Coming
Events not to be missed
8 Aero Post
Readers Letters from Around the World
20 Off The Shelf
A Look at New Products
36 Time Tested Tools
Old Age and Cunning: When you can’t find the right tool to buy, some of the best tools for aeromodelling come straight out of necessity to become tools born of wisdom
51 Web Walk
Mike Evatt walks the web for more aeromodelling delights
56 For Old Times Sake
Don Howie presents a look into early life of Ben Shereshaw and the impact his designs
66 Tail End Charlie

24 Power Trip
Maris Dislers Reviews the Incredible CS OT Twin Diesel
42 How-To
Mike Alexander shows how to economically outfit a new F/F or C/L field box with a new Inset Power Panel

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