AeroModeller issue 025 (943) Dec 2015 (Published Nov 19th)

04 Heard at the Hangar Doors
Editorial, News and Views
07 Up and Coming
Calendar of Events for the
next months.
08 Off the Shelf
A look at new and Innovative products.
10 Vintage Model Co Kit Reviews
Mike Watters builds the Spitfi re and
Cessna 140 rubber powered designs for
electric FF and RC.
14 FF World Champs Tech Update
The models used by leading FF
duration fl yers in Mongolia are assessed by
Chris Edge.
18 Oils are Oily! Part 1
Brian Winch looks back at a lifetime of
experimentation with engine lubricants.
21 Scale Me Up
This innovative service allows you to be
the pilot in your model!
22 Flying Aces
This popular Peterborough MFC run
silent fl ight FF event is visited by Andrew
24 Finishing the Tiger
Mike Mulholland explains some of the
techniques he used on the prototype Avetek
DH Tiger Moth.
27 Glider Wing Design, Part 3
In the concluding part Martyn
Pressnell looks at wing construction.
30 Inside Indoor, Part 7
Clive King gives hints on trimming
last issue’s free plan for the indoor duration
Mini-Goodyear Racer
The Polecat is an ideal introduction to CL
Team Racing. Peter Jephcott takes you
through the build.
40 Power Trip – Enya 15 CX S
The new Enya .15ci glow with stunt
carburettor is reviewed by Maris Dislers, who
also looks back at an original Enya 19.
44 Scale Matters
Bill Dennis on the successful new FF
scale event at Oxford, and how to get started
in competition scale.
48 How the Creep Evolved
Brian Eggleston talks us through the
development of his classic power duration
54 Better… Workmanship, Part 19
John O’Donnell looks at what
constitutes a good finish on a model.
58 In Scale Circles
CL Scale at the Nationals is covered
by Bernard Seale.
60 The Southern Gala
David Hipperson reports on this FF
duration event.
62 Euro F2A Speed Gold for GB
Individual and team CL speed gold
winner Paul Eisner gives his view from the

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